The Ooze:

For this project, I chose to celebrate the properties of the underappreciated but widely used polyurethane foam, a material that is fast setting, easily pigmented and free-flowing. My fun manufacturing technique clearly demonstrates my playful philosophy in the outcome. It is simple and effective, it allows the foam to express itself and with every pour the foam creates its own energetic and organic form with minimal human interaction. The hand shaped interior form is made from industrial strength polyurethane foam traditionally used as an insulator for water tanks, covered with a medium density foam typically cast into dull shapes to be upholstered and used as furniture cushions to be never seen again. I challenged the materiality of polyurethane foam by using the material in a way that it is not expected to be used, whilst showing off the dexterity of the material thus creating colourful, organic and exciting stools.
The reception of the stools has been encouraging as they are met with surprise when they discover how soft the mass is, the colours suggest they’re edible the form suggests them continuously flowing.

Final Outcomes.


Close ups.


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