Man Made Fossils.

The material I chose to explore is this unusual plastic that comes from a local scrap store who source it from a local recycling centre. The material is created at the recycling centre because they use injection moulding machines and during the injection-moulding process, whenever a colour or type of plastic is changed in the machine, raw plastic escapes from the mould onto the floor, creating an organically made colourful pool of melted plastic. Each piece is special and unique where the form is down to chance, but due to the piece being dropped on the floor most pieces have flat sides. The recycling centre cannot just recycle the plastic again because each piece is made up of a mix of plastics, leading it to be thrown away and becoming landfill. Oil based plastics take thousands of years to biodegradable and it would be a shame if have if these amazing pieces of plastic were not used.

Through carrying out vast experiments It resulted in creating, one plant stand, a stool, bookends and a collection of floating shelves. All designs were developed to keep attention to the plastic by using simple frames but coloured with an accent colour to compliment the plastic. This Project successfully shows the worth of unwanted materials and I hope encourages people to be more thoughtful with their material choice.

Final Outcomes.


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